One of the biggest dilemmas that most pregnant women go through today is the delivery method that they should go for. They can opt between caesarean or normal delivery. Unlike the yesteryears where people felt wary of c-section delivery today, it has become quite common and has even gone past normal delivery. To be honest, most people choose the surgery mode over the age-old natural delivery methods. Though we wouldn’t deny the idea of caesarean, we still have strong reasons as to why you must choose normal delivery over caesarean childbirth.

Reasons for why you must Opt Normal Delivery over Caesarean

Here are the top 5 reason as to why you must go for normal delivery

Prolonged recovery:

It is always said that unless there are complications and doctors strictly recommend a c-section delivery, it is always advisable to go for a normal delivery. In case of natural childbirth, the whole process is natural and the body behaves the way it has to. As a result, the time taken for recovery is also short. But in case of caesarean, the mother’s body is cut, and thereby it can lead to wounds and sores leading to a prolonged recovery period.

Hormonal Discord:

As I stated earlier, a c-section surgery can be quite against the natural process. Doctors usually state that each hormone related to childbirth has its own role to play and when the womb is cut, the hormones do not function as required or simply stop mid-way. Hormones are always complicated, and a hormonal imbalance can lead to serious after-issues.

Remember, it’s a surgery:

Our brains have taken into understanding c-section mode of delivery as simply an alternative way of taking the baby out but remember it is nothing more than a complex surgery. Doctors are getting the baby out risking the life of the mother. Though in almost all cases the surgery is successful, the mother’s life is always at stake. Since it is a major surgery, mothers will always have to go for a second thought in case if they develop, other health issues a little later.

Serious after-effects:

The pain that mothers go through during the delivery time is something that words can never explain. Though you hardly recognise pain at the time of surgery it no way makes c-section better than normal delivery. Also, women can face a lot of after-delivery issues such as back pain and knee pain complications. Some insane medical decisions can also take the life of the mother.

Baby becomes more vulnerable:

The rate at which babies become vulnerable to complication after or during the delivery period is always more when it comes to caesarean delivery. To be honest, there are always less to no complication for both the mother and the baby when it comes to normal delivery, whereas caesarean can always be risky as the results are uncertain.