Not all of us are blessed with the opportunity to eat mom’s food regularly. Most of us leave home at a tender age some of us right after schooling, a few of us for work reasons and a pathetic few spend their whole schooling life in the hostel. If you do not fall under any of these categories and get to enjoy mom’s cooking every single day, you must have at least gone out on a trip or a vacation and terribly missed your mom’s cooking. So some way or the other all of us know how it feels like to stay away from home cooked food and eat elsewhere. So as a tribute to our mothers, let us make a list of things that we miss about our mom’s food.

Things we miss about Mom's Cooking

The aroma that gets us out of bed:

The day will not work the way we want if it is not the aroma of our mom’s coffee that wakes us up every single day. Nothing can match the smell of the rich roasted coffee that gets us right out of bed. The day starts with the cup of coffee that she makes and the day simply never ends with the glass of milk that she forces into our hands. Not a taste, it is always the aroma that makes us drool and run behind her for a bite.

The lectures that you get:

No one ever can beat a mom who on a health lecture. Moms are always adorable when they brag about how healthy and tasty home-cooked foods are, while we simply play around her teasing her mundane preparations. No matter how nice she is when it comes to cooking we always hate our moms when they curse the street food that we stealthily gobble every single day. In case if you fuss around and leave a messy plate, be ready to face her wrath.

The silly tantrums that we throw:

No matter how good moms are when it comes to cooking, we always keep throwing tantrums that annoy her to the core. The day simply will not end if we do not complain about the food that she packed that day. In most cases, it is always about the quantum that she stuffs inside. It is always more than what the box can hold.

Simply makes up a bad day:

Irrespective of how your day’s been your mom’s love and a bowl of the dish she makes can soothe all the pain and make our day better. Nothing can comfort a sick person than a homemade food. A bowl of homemade food can keep any disease off your way. Mom’s food is always a secret combination of health and happiness.

Random visits to steal a bite:

The day can never get more evil if it is a festival season or there is a special occasion at home. We always have a string of children at home who keep running in and out of the kitchen to steal bites of their favourite sweets or food. What is sweeter than the sweet itself is the fake anger that moms have when we do so.

It is not the taste but her love:

The last but the most important thing about the home cooked food is the love of our moms that we get to enjoy. So in case if we reminisce today that we miss mom’s cooking it is probably not the taste but her love.