Monkey bars an old favorite on playgrounds allows kids and adults alike to test their upper arm strength in the stretch to reach the next bar while their body weight freely dangles along with both feet above the ground.
The objective of the monkey bars is to make it from one side to the other without falling down or letting go. But why go to the park or the playground just to have access to the monkey bars when you can assemble your own at home?

The main thing you need to create monkey bars is a ladder. A ladder in which you can adjust the length will give you more options that you’ll be able to place your monkey bars. Simply pull your ladder to its reaching point.

In building your monkey bars find two sturdy solid trees with thick trunks close to each other. Or you may be able to use your clothesline poles for placement of the ladder if you don’t mind your clothesline dueling as monkey bars, probably not the best idea if you want clean clothes.

While standing between the two trees place the ladder against one of the trees in the climbing position and pick the end at ground level up. Allow it to have contact with the other tree. With both ends in the air, connecting the trunks, adjust the height you want it to be from the ground by lifting the ladder higher or lower. Have someone hold the ladder up and tie the ends to one tree trunk and then proceed to the other tree to finish the job of tying the remaining ends to the other trunk.

I don’t recommend securing the ladder to branches because branches are somewhat flexible and can bend, snap or break much easier under weight or wind. The idea is to secure the ladder to something solid and sturdy. I bought my own portable ladder in a nice online shop where I also bought my¬†tactical flashlight amazon.

You can use rope or cable ties to secure amp; hold the ladder in place.

If the ladder isn’t fully stretched to its capacity you can tie the adjustment part in place with cable ties to insure that it won’t pull forward, backward or down where it can catch or squeeze someone’s fingers or hand.

Your monkey bars are now ready.

You can also use monkey bars to do pull ups or as hanging bars to stretch amp; relax the body in free form. Test your skills and have someone time how long you can hang on the monkey bars or test your strength and have someone count how many pull ups you can do back to back without letting go of the monkey bars.