What does offer phase EXT mean for an application with USPS?

I’ve gone through the interview, drug test, and screening process for a little over three weeks!! I need to know what this means or if I’m even hired. I truly need a job and I’m weary of waiting.

2 Answers

  • Here’s what I’m aware of… I am employed by the government. Don’t bother checking and rechecking your status; it’ll drive you insane. Whatever your standing on the site is, it only matters to them…not to you. It’s useful, but it’s not solid. The truth is that most Prime Ministers have no understanding what’s going on. There’s really no one to call. It’s not like applying for a job at a pizza parlor. It will take some time. My advice is to stay your employment even if you get a preliminary offer. Don’t get caught up with the site. Don’t! When it comes to the tenitive offer, the only thing that will stop you is not turning up. The final offer does not appear until then.

  • Here’s some information from the Indeed.com website:

    APPLICATION ENTRY – Following the submission of the Application

    PRE-HIRING – Make an appointment for an interview

    SELECTION LIST – Candidates are being evaluated.

    HIRE LIST – Qualified candidates are being ranked

    OFFER PHASE (EXT) – Selected! should accept a job offer and await a start date

    I recommend that you check for verification elsewhere on the internet.