Which of the following best describes the Operational Period Briefing?

  D Fractional numbers are numbers that can be expressed as fractions.

Explanation in detail:

A rational number is a fraction having an integer numerator and denominator that may be represented as a ratio.


The word “decimal” as employed here is so broad that we cannot really accept it as part of a valid solution. A rational number will be a terminating or repeating decimal. A decimal that does not end or recur is not a rational number.

While integers and whole numbers are included in the set of rational numbers, they do not provide the best definition of the set of rational numbers on their own.

C. Presents to supervisory employees the Incident Action Plan (IAP) for the forthcoming term.


The operations period briefing is a shift briefing held at the start of each operation period to provide the incident action plan to the tactical resource supervisor.

This briefing provides tactical resource supervisors with the proper strategy to handle a specific situation in order to enable quick movement throughout the incident operation.

I need the response options to solve this since the question just asks “which of the following?”

The correct answer is (c) Supervisory employees are presented with the Incident Action Plan (IAP) for the future term.

You might also be thinking, What best describes the operational period briefing?

An operating period briefing enables supervisors to obtain unambiguous instructions and direction for transmission to their workers, allowing for the proper execution of incident response plan components.5 August 2021

Similarly, What is an operational period?

The amount of time allotted to carry out a certain set of tactical actions as outlined in the Incident Action Plan. Operational Periods may be any duration, however they are seldom longer than 24 hours.

But then this question also arises, Which type of briefing is delivered to individual resources or crews who are assigned to operational?

Briefings on the ground

Which incident type requires regional or national resources with up to 200 personnel?

To efficiently handle operations, command, and general personnel, a Type 2 crisis may need the deployment of resources from outside the area, including regional and/or national resources.

Which of the following best describes the operational period briefing quizlet?

Which of the following best characterizes the Briefing for the Operational Period? Assists in keeping the public and media up to date on the incident’s status and operational achievements.

Related Questions and Answers

What is operational period command emphasis examples?

Be mindful of falling debris, secondary explosions, and other operational period command emphasis examples. Situational awareness in general. A weather prediction, incident circumstances, and/or a general safety warning are examples of general situational awareness.

What is the purpose of the operational briefing?

The Operations Period Briefing is also known as the Shift Briefing or the Operational Briefing. This briefing takes place at the start of each Operational Period and delivers the Incident Action Plan to tactical resource supervisors.

Who facilitates operational period brief?

Chief of the Planning Section

What does operational period command emphasis mean?

4 Command Emphasis During the Operational Period Enter the operating period’s command focus, which may contain a general safety message as well as a list of operational and/or tactical priorities. A sequence of events or an order of events to address may be used to emphasize a command.

Which incident type is limited to one operational period does?

Incident of Type 4

Which General Staff member directs all responses and tactical actions?

The Operations Section Chief is in charge of directing tactical activities in order to fulfill the incident’s goals.

Which incident type is limited to one operational period does not require a written incident action?

Type 4 is confined to a single operating time, does not need a formal Incident Action Plan, only engages Command and General Staff if necessary, and uses a number of single resources. 9th of March, 2022

Which incident type requires regional or national resources with up to 500 personnel per operational?

Incident category 1 necessitates regional or national resources, activation of all Command and General Staff posts, activation of branches, personnel numbers exceeding 500 per operational time, and the possibility of a disaster declaration. 18th of March, 2020

Who generally facilitates the operational period brief quizlet?

In general, who is in charge of the Operational Period Briefing? The Situation Unit Leader is Chris Smith.

What is a Type 4 incident?

Type 4 is the first assault or reaction to an occurrence. IC is a “hands-on” leader who oversees all operations, logistics, planning, and financial tasks. There are little resources utilized (several individuals or a single strike team) Normally, just one operating time is allowed. 13 February 2017

Which statement best describes ICS 201?

a single response It comprises status information for briefing the arriving Incident Commander or other incoming resources, which is option (c). 2nd of March, 2022

What type of incident is the most complex?

1st kind

Which statement accurately describes one reason a delegation of authority may be needed quizlet?

Which of the following statements best depicts why a delegation of power could be required? When the extent of the situation is complicated or beyond the authority of current authorities.

What ICS 202?

The Incident Goals (ICS 202) document explains the general incident strategy, incident objectives, command emphasis/priorities, and safety concerns for the next operating period. 30th of April, 2020

How do I fill out a 214?

– The title of the item. Name of the incident. – Double-check -On the Ground. Fill in the time span for which the form is valid. – Designators/Unit Names Enter the organizational unit’s or resource designator’s title (e.g., FacilitiesUnit,Safety Officer,Strike Team). – Unit Commander – Personnel have been assigned. – Log of Activities.

What is ICS Form 214 used for?

The Activity Log (ICS 214) keeps track of important operations at all levels of the ICS, including single resources, equipment, Task Forces, and so on. These logs provide as basic event activity record as well as a point of reference for any post-incident report. Preparation.

What is a staff level briefing?

Resources assigned to nonoperational and support responsibilities at the Incident Command Post or Base receive staff-level briefings. Individual resources or crews assigned to operational responsibilities and/or working at or near the event site get field-level briefings.

What is typically included in the transfer of command briefing?

The situation state should be included in the transfer of command briefing. Based on the IAP, incident goals and priorities were established. The current state of affairs. Assignments of resources

What is field-level briefing?

Briefing on the Ground Typically, resources allocated to operational activities and/or work at or near the event site are at this level. Individual subordinates, whole crews, or several crews, such as Strike Teams or Task Forces, will receive these briefings at the start of an operating shift.

The Operations Section Chief is in charge of managing all incident-related operational operations in order to meet the incident’s goals.

What provides standardized procedures practices and functions for incident resource management?

ICS is a standardized method to on-scene incident management command, control, and coordination that establishes a common structure within which workers from many organizations may work effectively.

Who has authority to order incident resources?

Who else has the power to command incident resources except the Incident Commander, who orders and authorizes resource orders? Chief of the logistics division, head of the supply unit, and ordering manager

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