If you are not familiar with YouTube, you must be living under a rock. YouTube is full of vloggers, singers, comedians and makeup gurus. If you are familiar with the beauty community, I’m sure you know the big names Pursebuzz, Xsparkage, Pinkiecharm and Fafinettex3. I’d like to introduce you to some hidden gems.
Emilynoel83 is a news anchor and lip gloss addict. She has set herself apart from other gurus with her innovative ideas. From her series on teen makeup, mature makeup, different foundations and application techniques to her shopping list ideas.
Sardun1 is a young mom of two adorable little boys. She is all about quick makeup for the busy mom.
AllThatGlitters21 is a college senior majoring in pre-law minoring is makeup. She spends her free time with her sorority sisters and reading twilight. She is one her way to becoming YouTube very own “Elle Woods”.
xFLYNNIEx specialty is incorporating bright colors into everyday wearable looks will. Tammi’s bubbly personality and dedication to her subscribers makes her a rare find.
Lisasz09 is a review junkie. She is the always trying the latest foundations and self tanners.
Natneagle is a teacher and mom for two young children. Nat is brave enough to allow her us into her bedroom watch her get ready for work at Kinderdagverblijf LeidenĀ the horrific hour of 5:00AM.
Lollipop26 is a beauty addict living in London. You can’t help but enjoy her charming accent as she introduces the world to Barry M and Gosh. Laura is always on the hunt for the perfect blush and nude lipstick.Who is your favorite YouTube beauty guru?