What does "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" mean?

FEDEX Parcel Delivery Statuses

Here you’ll find the meaning of delivery messages from the FEDEX track & trace system. The following status messages may appear when you send a parcel with FEDEX.

I arrived at the FedEx facility.

The parcel was scanned at a FedEx facility’s entryway. This does not imply that the package has arrived at its ultimate destination. It is also possible for the shipment to arrive at an intermediary stop (e.g. cargo redistribution centre).

Sorting facility at the final destination

The delivery has arrived in the recipient’s area. Prior to being delivered to the destination, the package must be sorted once more at the FedEx facility.

At a nearby FedEx facility

The shipment is being held in a FedEx freight facility and will be handled shortly.


The package was delivered to the specified recipient or a member of the same household.


The status exception indicates that an unforeseen incident is preventing your FedEx shipment from being delivered. A customs delay, no one to take delivery of your product, a holiday, missing documents, and so on are examples of status exceptions. If you want further information on the status of your shipment, please contact Fedex Customer Service.

While in Transit

If the tracking status of your shipment is >While in Transit<, your parce is on its way to its final destination. It does not mean that your package is already in a delivery vehicle on the way to the recipient.

FedEx’s genesis plant was abandoned.

This status indicates that your package has left the origin area and is now in route to the destination region. The shipment will most likely pass via a FedEx delivery network hub (large cargo center).

FedEx van is being used for delivery.

The package was put into a FedEx van and is scheduled to be delivered today.

Picked up

A FedEx delivery driver picked up the package. The package is stored in the delivery driver’s truck. Unloading will take place at a FedEx site in the evening.